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What about Muay Thai? We can boldy say we are the only gym to offer real Muay Thai in Savannah,Ga, under our affliation with 6 time World Champ Manu Ntoh, you will not find better Muay Thai coaching in the southeast. Coach Muhsin Corbbrey is a professional Muay Thai Fighter and has trained extensively in Thailand. Coach Kru Bryan is a veteran professional Muay Thai fighter, trained in Thailand, and has fought all over the world. Not to be confused with just any type of kickboxing, this is Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a form of hand to hand combat practiced in large parts of the world. Muay Thai has a long history in Thailand and is the country's national sport. Muay Thai is referred to as "The Art of Eight Limbs", as the hands, shins, elbows, and knees are all used extensively in this art. A practitioner of Muay Thai thus has the ability to execute strikes using eight "points of contact," as opposed to "two points" (fists) in Western boxing and "four points" (fists, feet) used in the primarily sport-oriented forms of martial arts. This undoubtedly makes Muay Thai the most effective and devastating striking art.

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10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Muay Thai


Muay Thai




8:45 PM - 10:00 PM

Muay Thai

Muay Thai




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