Womens Kickboxing

Womens Kickboxing at CTC

Our Womens Kickboxing class is a fitness based class which can help you with your weight loss and health goals. Your just one step away from being on your way to enhancing your physical and mental health through our training systems. This is not your average "cardio-kick" class or some tae bo video, your working with a competition based team who can help you reach your goals. Punches, kicks, and knees are all incorporated with plyo's, calisthenics, and strength training for a great workout, burning up to 800 calories an hour. You train on the same bags as the professionals, no partner needed, we push you to the best of your abilities and your pace. Its another way to workout, stay motivated and not be bored. Although we encourage competition, if your goals are fitness and health there is no pressure to compete and actively spar. You dont have to be a pro fighter to be in great shape and feel better. You can use our women's kickboxing classes to get back in shape or get prepared for our Fundamental Competition Muay Thai Class. Like all other programs, we offer our free trial to make sure we are what we say. Call us today at 912.349.4582 to schedule a Free personal one on one, our free trial class, and our physical assesment.

If you have that competitive streak, our fundamental competition Muay Thai kickboxing class is the next step, you can always improve and progress here at CTC.

Self defense?
What about real world self defense? All you had to do was ask. Your dealing with some of "the best in the business" here at Champion's Training Center, we can address nearly any real world self defense issue from standing up, the ground, and all the situations in between, just give us a call today at 912.349.4582 for a free personal consultation.

Be a Fighter
The Fight Team is for someone looking to take their game and skills to the next level. Any student who wishes to compete will be given the tools to do so and can try out for our comp team. From their our Fight Team is picked. We strive for excellence on the Fight Team and all we ask you to do is give it 100%, As a member of our Fight Team, you will train side by side with top professional and amateur fighters. It'll become completely apparent why we are considered the leader in the Southeast.




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